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Please read the Guide for Event Providers then use this form to submit your event. We will review your event and if accepted set up an event on this website so visitors can book places.

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1. Event Details

By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions you confirm that the event details provided in the submitted form are correct. This includes the start and finish points of the event, timings, and event difficulty. The event description should provide participants with an accurate explanation of the activities included in the event and the terrain likely to be encountered.

2. Event Fees

Unless previously agreed otherwise, the Moray Way Association takes a 20% festival management fee from all event bookings, with the remaining 80% income from each event being paid to the event provider. This fee is to cover the promotion and management of the festival. The Moray Way Association is a registered charity and non-profit making organisation. The festival is organized by the Moray Way Association trustees, who operate in a voluntary capacity.

3. Event Leader Responsibilities

In submitting this event you are agreeing to adhere to the responsibilities of the Event Leader, as a representative of the Moray Way Association. It is the responsibility of the event leader to:

3.1 Ensure participants are prepared and well equipped with any kit required prior to the start of the event

3.2 Deliver events in a customer focused manor, to protect the reputation of the Moray Walking and Outdoor Festival and Moray Way Association

3.3 Have significant prior experience of the route taken during the event and have completed reconnaissance of the route prior to the event

3.4 Notify landowners of the routes of events which enter private land and ensure that event participants act responsibly at all times

4. Risk Assessment

In submitting this event you are agreeing to adhere to the Moray Walking and Outdoor Festival risk assessment requirements and the Moray Way Association health and safety policy.

Moray Walking and Outdoor Festival requires that a risk assessment has been prepared for each event and that they are read, understood and implemented by all event leaders as necessary and appropriate.

Event leaders must provide an activity and site specific risk assessment. This should consider chosen location, weather, ability and behavior of group, logistics and any other factors that may influence participant safety. It should be understood that submission of this form to the Moray Walking and Outdoor Festival organisers is for information only. The responsibility for ensuring the safety and wellbeing of participants remains with the event leader.

The risk assessment form will be provided following receipt of this event submission form. The completed risk assessment form must be provided to the Moray Way Association no later than 4 weeks before the start of the event. Support will be available to provide advice in completing the risk assessment if required.

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