Event Grading

This is intended as a rough indication only. Every effort has been made to make the level of activity and physical effort involved as clear as possible within the event description. If in doubt contact the event provider.


  • A gentle activity over level easy terrain (or equivalent) lasting up to 2 hours.
  • All ages and abilities welcome. Time to stop, chat and stare.
  • View Easy events


  • An activity over generally level terrain (or equivalent) lasting up to 3 hours.
  • Likely to include some slight inclines or similar extra effort.
  • View EasyPlus events


  • A more varied activity and/or varied terrain (or equivalent), typically a short day activity.
  • Involving some extra effort for part of the day.
  • View Moderate events


  • Typically a full day activity over varied terrain (or equivalent).
  • Requiring stamina and/or more sustained effort.
  • View ModeratePlus events


  • Activities with something ‘special’ which will appeal to the more experienced outdoor person.
  • See event entry for details.
  • View Challenging events