About the Festival

The Moray Walking and Outdoor Festival is the brainchild of the Moray Way Association. Launched as The Moray Walking Festival, it was a very small gathering with a few walks spread over three days. It was originally envisaged as a means of promoting The Moray Way, a newly established 100mile circular trail.

However, it was always apparent that this was too limited an ambition and certainly did not do justice to the outdoor opportunities within Moray. By 2014 the festival had already expanded to include other outdoor events and now covered six days and the name was changed to the Moray Walking and Outdoor Festival.

By 2018 there were nearly sixty events spread over ten days. Walks ranged from very gentle strolls to challenging endurance events. Other activities vary from year-to-year but recently have included cycling, kayaking, skiff rowing, surfing, bird walking, storytelling, hill skills, bushcraft, white water rafting, wild swimming, heritage events and wildlife watching and indoor talks. It is now one of Scotland’s premier Outdoor Activity Festivals. Anyone looking for active things to do outdoors is likely to find something to suit their interests here in Moray.

Unlike many other festivals, this outdoor festival is not run by a local authority, park authority or tourist organisation but managed by a small group of volunteers supported by a professional organiser and numerous local event providers. Event providers range from commercial outdoor activity organisations or Government agencies to local voluntary organisations and individuals eager to demonstrate why Moray is special.

To join in the festival, simply choose and book your events here on this website. Moray is a relatively small geographic area; even so, the range of events means that there is not a single meeting place. Detailed information for where to meet and anything special you need to bring along is provided under each event.