Guide for Participants

Our aim is for you to enjoy your experience of the outdoors here in Moray. We want you to do this safely, whether you are strolling beside the river Spey, bird watching on Dava Moor, mountain biking in Glen Avon, exploring the Moray Firth coastline, or whatever event you choose.

The primary way we seek to ensure your safety and enjoyment is by asking event providers to describe their event clearly and accurately, allowing you to decide whether the event matches your skills and interests. Please read the event information provided, and where you are in doubt, seek clarification. As part of this, you will be asked, when you book, to confirm that you have read the Booking Terms and Conditions. As well as covering bookings and refunds, this includes a key paragraph reproduced here:

Basis of participation

The organisers of the Moray Walking and Outdoor Festival recognise that outdoor activities carry a risk of personal injury dependent in part upon the skills of participants and prevailing weather conditions, both outwith the control of the organisers. Event participants are responsible for assessing their own fitness and suitability for taking part in activities. In common with similar events, we try and help you make an initial judgement about whether your fitness is sufficient for any event by using an event grading system. This is included in the details under every event and full descriptions can be found on the event grading page. This is important because the festival seeks to provide events suitable for a wide range of abilities and interests. We are delighted if someone who does not normally venture out into the countryside is tempted to join one of our shorter strolls. Enjoyment, interest and good memories are our aims.


We hope that there will be no Scottish Government COVID-19 restrictions put in place in June 2024. If this changes, we will ensure that all events adhere to guidelines. Unfortunately, some restrictions may alter events or force us to postpone the Festival. We will update this statement if restrictions are put in place. (Jan 2024)